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Risk Warning:  Customers should be aware of the risks associated with over-the-counter, spot Forex. In the off-exchange, also called the
over-the-counter market, a retail customer trades directly with a counterparty and there is no exchange or central clearing house to support the
transaction. Forex trading is highly speculative in nature which can mean currency prices may become extremely volatile. Forex trading is
highly leveraged, since low margin deposits normally are required, an extremely high degree of leverage is obtainable in foreign exchange
trading. A relatively small market movement will have a proportionately larger impact on the funds you have deposited. You may sustain a
total loss of your funds. Since the possibility of losing your entire cash balance does exist, speculation in the Forex market should only be
conducted with risk capital you can afford to lose which will not dramatically impact your lifestyle.
That was in 2003 and I keep those memories with me because I learned how never to
repeat that experience ever again.

In 2005, I became profitable and I’ve been making money in the markets ever
. There was no silver bullet, no super technique and no mad talent involved. It was
all about commitment, the right understanding of the market and the confidence to keep
trying until I got it right.  

In 2006 because of my consistent success in trading Forex, my wife convinced
me to start teaching others.
And you know when your wife makes a request, you don’t
argue, you just do it. So over the years, I taught hundreds of traders both beginners and
veterans and have not regretted a single day afterwards.

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Mark So, Chief Forex Trainer & Coach
My name is Mark So and I started out just
like you with visions of grandeur and
fantasies of being financially free trading
currencies on an Island in Hawaii with my
laptop in tow. Then reality hit me and hit me
hard. My first account blew up and so did my
second and third. I remember the cold sweat
every time my balance was margined out
and the anger and disappointment that
overcame me soon after.
Honestly that’s how most traders start with trading Forex. They get excited with the
thought of making it big in Forex only to get frustrated time and again with techniques and
strategies that work for a while then blow up their accounts sooner or later.
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